Virgin Atlantic


Launch of Virgin Atlantic in Sydney


  • Virgin Atlantic set Unlimited the following product launch objectives
  • that the first Virgin Atlantic flight on Australian soil was memorable
  • to ensure Virgin Atlantic was in the national and international media
  • to provide a “Sydney experience” for 200 VIPs
  • to make Virgin Atlantic’s party, the “party of the year”
  • to showcase Virgin Atlantics Upper Class suite


  • The launch took place over three days . It started with a spectacular landing of the new airbus with a surf carnival theme, followed by a welcome party complete with Mud Crab Racing on the harbour. Continuing with the surf carnival theme, Luke Mangan prepared lunch at Bondi beach whilst Richard Branson arrived by helicopter flanked with a bevy of beautiful beach babes. The final night hosting a party for 1500 guests used very clever special effects inside a massive hot air balloon; The Upper Class suite was the showcase of the evening.