Company Nycomad
Product Somac used to treat the symptoms of GORD

To present the benefits of this drug to leading gastroenterologist’s in all capital cities of all states in Australia. Unlimited Event Management were responsible for the creative, the registrations, venue choices and the managing of all food and beverage. It was called the Somac Seminar Series The pharma industry is under strict guidelines as to how they entertain their clients so strategic planning went into to what venues were chosen and what content was to be included.

It was decided that an American professor who is a leading source on Gastroenterology would be the headline speaker for the night but equally important was that the rest of the evening had to have an informal and fun element to it.

A wine challenge was conducted between courses lead by one of Australia’s wine critics and all doctors had to be engaged in the challenge itself.

Private rooms were selected in some of Australian leading restaurants. The evenings were highly successfully as measured by the number of quality registrations we had through a dedicated Somac website. To get the medical industry to attend a product launch in the evening is by no means an easy exercise