David Martin

David Martin is the principal Director and driving force behind Unlimited Event Management. His industry experience, having worked as a marketer in the corporate world before embarking on his own venture 15 years ago, creates a strong sense of brand presence in all his events. He never loses sight of the reality that events are created ultimately to improve the bottom line, events are merely a way of helping sell product.

His airline, travel, and hotel background underpins his ability to negotiate the best deals with suppliers. David’s travel background, as a tour guide in his 20′s covering most continents of the world, is another hallmark of this success. It’s the awareness of peoples needs away from home and how people interact when put in difficult or unusual situations that give him that edge.

Never one to say no, he is continually pushing concepts and ideas to the edge, to strive for that never been done before activity or been to place that says something about the company he is representing. Unlimited is really where he wants his company to be.